Travel Tote

Many years ago when all we made were big duffle bags, our customers were always asking for small personal size bags built tough like the big bags and with all the special features that go into NOMAR bags. The Travel Tote was the original (first purse) design. Purse, sure, but a lot more - swim bag, market tote, craft bag, gym bag uses limited only by your imagination.

The strap will adjust so that you can position the bag across you body for security and ease of carrying hands free.

12 1/2" x 6" wide 12" tall, with lots and lots of pockets.
1 zippered outside pocket, 2 open top pockets on outside ends.
3 inside pockets. Long 1 1/2" wide nylon handles to fit over your shoulder.
Can be used like an open market tote or top can be zippered closed to secure contents.

CORDURA® is a tough, tear, scuff and water resistant urethane coated nylon canvas. Cordura is very light weight, ounce for ounce it is much more durable than other fabrics, such as cotton or polyester. Products made from this material look newer and last longer. They never rot and come in a variety of colors. Our bags are made with all the qualities you expect from this high performance fabric.