XPE Insulating Foam by the Linear Foot

Chilled fish is what it's all about these days. Insulate the bay temperature from your slushed fish temperature with XPE foam. Not everybody can retrofit, insulate and RSW their boats. Our helping solution is this foam in combination with our Brailer Bag and Slush Bag.

You can cut this foam to friction fit each fish hold, then hang your NOMAR Slush Bag along with a NOMAR Brailer Bag to make an insulating layer between bay temperature and chilled fish hold. 

The 1/2" thick closed-cell XPE foam has an R-4 insulating value. It can be scrubbed and disinfected when necessary.

We can roll and ship all over Alaska. Please note that 20 linear feet is the maximum that we may ship in one package. If you need more, please contact us for shipping options.

$10.00 per linear foot