Mini Cargo in Cordura

Stow all your toiletries and personal care items in our Mini Cargo. Built using cordura, it's easy to wipe the interior clean in the unfortunate event leaks or spills during travel.

Dimensions: 9" x 4" x 5.5" 


CORDURA® is a tough, tear, scuff and water resistant urethane coated nylon canvas. Cordura is very light weight, ounce for ounce, it is much more durable than other fabrics, such as cotton or polyester. Products made from this material look newer and last longer. They never rot and come in a variety of colors. Our bags are made with all the qualities you expect from this high performance fabric.

Colors: Burgundy, Teal, Charcoal, Purple, Black, Sand, Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Mariner Blue, Sky Blue

Cordura® Brand is licensed by Dupont for US manufacture.