An Alaskan standard in the commercial fishing industry, these boots will give you the ultimate protection against cold waters and the best protection against the broadest range of acids, corrosives, and contaminants. Comfort you can count on all day long.

  • Flexible, layered Neoprene construction
  • Triple-dipped shells for rugged, waterproof protection
  • Chevron outsole and heel
  • Cushioned insoles with arch support
Slip resistant Chevron® outsoles are made from a proprietary rubber compound that grabs onto surfaces making for sure footing but leaving no marks or scuffs.

Chemical-resistant triple dipped latex neoprene will last longer than standard rubber boots in solvents, caustics, hydrocarbons, fats, and acids. Tested against organic and inorganic acids and chemicals. These boots are Xtratuf!

Whether you call them "Sitka Sneakers", "Alaska Tennies" or "Homer Hooves" Xtratuf® boots are an Alaskan standard. The reason they are so popular is not just because they are waterproof but there is no other boot you would want on your foot for an 18 hour day of commercial fishing, cannery work, hunting the backcountry or just hangin' out at the coffee shop. Comfortable, durable and completely waterproof.  Alaskan lifestyles demand the best boots. Xtratuf® Delivers!
Size 3 - 13