Windbloc® Fleece Vest: The Cordova Gillnetter

Our Cordova Gillnetter Vest is a four-season Alaskan necessity that will become your second skin. Made of lightweight Polartec® Windbloc® , this vest provides dry, windproof protection to your body core, yet allows for full freedom of arm movement. Full storm flap and zip-up collar gives extra protection when needed. The large zippered pockets give you room for fish tickets, keys, crane card and more. The elastic drawcord at the hem is easy to adjust and helps keep body heat in.

See Sizing Chart for Fitting.

NOMAR’S GALE FORCE line features the high-tech laminated fabric, POLARTEC WINDBLOC from Polartec LLC. This product is made in the USA and is a warm fleece but deep in it’s laminated micro-porous construction is a membrane that stops the wind and repels rain and snow, yet allows your inner heat to vent so you stay dry and warm. This built-in polyurethane barrier membrane allows for fewer needed layers. NOMAR uses only WINDBLOC fleece in the Gale Force line to make beautiful jackets and accessories that will keep you warm and dry in the strongest of storms while being extremely durable. Our WINDBLOC material blocks 100% of the wind and allows for maximum protection from the elements and inclement weather, while its non-restrictive fit allows for a full range of motion and high performance stretch.

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