Fisheries Gear

In 1982 NOMAR, then Mitchell's Marine Canvas, began producing their brailer bag, inadvertently re-inventing their business while simultaneously solving a problem for commercial fishermen.  

The mesh bags requested by two False Pass gill netters to handle storing and transporting their salmon without marking the fish (NOMAR = No Marks) have become the industry standard.   NOMAR Brailer Bag instantly recognizable to all who have observed Alaska's commercial fishing industry. 

Today NOMAR offers custom bags, set net brailers, dock brailer liners, tote liners, brailer hooks, slush bag/bin liners,  repair kits for field repairs,. 

Like all of our products, every piece of fishery gear that we manufacture started as the idea of a customer who needed something. So take a look and see if we already make what you need or contact us about your custom design.