We can repair and modify almost any sewn product, as long as the item has no permanent solid frame (i.e. suitcases and golf bags). Without question, zippers are the most frequent repair that we see at Nomar and we're well equipped to deal with your zipper-related issues.

Some other common retail repairs are: 

  • Patching rips/tears
  • Reinforcing torn out stitching
  • Replacing snaps
  • Adding gromments onto an existing item
  • Hemming
Our shop also handles boat top repairs and replaces clear vinyl windows.

    You may mail us your items in need of repair but please include contact information so we can reach you with questions. Clearly mark or tag all zips, rips, repairs and modifications. If you'd like an estimate on your repair before mailing it, contact us.

    Our address is:


    Attn: Repairs Dept.

    104 East Pioneer Ave., Ste 1

    Homer, AK 99603