Brailer Bags in Stock Sizes:

The Original NOMAR Brailer Bag

Trademarked in 1983, our bags became the Alaskan standard to deliver salmon quickly while eliminating rough handling and big net marks that the old methods caused. NOMAR- “no marka the fish!” As the industry accepted a better way to deliver salmon, the need to fit individual holds became very evident. NOMAR now manufactures three different stock sizes and custom bags are an option too.

In recent years, our Brailers have been used for sustainable seaweed harvesting. The preferred size seems to be our Standard Brailers or Oversized Brailers. Some people request additional grommets be added along the top so they can run a line and cinch their bag closed. In that case, we recommend reaching out to us or filling out our Custom Brailer Order Form as there is an additional charge for extra grommets.

Our brailer bags are made out of a woven polyester thread that is encapsulated in UV treated vinyl. Additional strength and stability are obtained when the mesh is heat set to a high industry standard. The 2-inch polyester belting that forms additional support and the lifting straps is super strong. All NOMAR brailers have two grommets on each corner so the fisherman can install his own shock cord for hanging in the fish holds. On the bottom we sew a 1-inch strap to add a dump line. We leave these open because we respect that everyone has their own way of rigging things. Therefore, the shock cord and the dump line is the responsibility of the fisherman so don't forget to pickup shock cordclamps, and pliers!

We also repair brailers, starting at $60 each.

Stock Sizes:

The Standard Brailer, 30" x 30" x 40" deep, has been a stock item for years. They hold about 1000 pounds, the maximum we recommend for the highest quality product.

The Standard Short Brailer is becoming the new go-to size. It measures 30" x 30" x 30" deep and is an 800-pound bag for fisheries where a smaller capacity bag is required. It fits well in a skiff too!

The Oversized Brailer (formally called the Tote Liner) measures at 48" x 48" x 32" deep for those that use Magnum Totes. They have longer handles for an easy pick and hold 2000 pounds.