Lightweight Wind Pro® Fleece Jacket: The Grizzly in Small Batch Colors

Stay warm and cozy with our Lightweight Wind Pro® Grizzly Jacket. This jacket is not only soft to the touch, but it's also perfect for braving the cold. Built using lightweight Polartec® Wind Pro® fleece, this material is manufactured with a tightly woven knit that reduces the wind by 85% while still being breathable to prevent overheating. The exterior is treated with a durable water repellent solution that will shed moisture in case you're caught in an unexpected rain or snow storm. 

Cut similar to a full-zip sweatshirt design, it has a simple drawcord hood, two zippered pockets and two interior pockets that are deep enough to hold whatever you may need to carry. The back is cut longer for full coverage and features an elastic drawcord hem to improve body warmth and reduce updraft.

We work in small batches so limited colors and quantities are available. Contact us if there's a color choice that you're interested in and it's listed as being sold out.