Troll Drogue

The NOMAR Troll Drogue is made for fisherman needing to slow down their troll speed to catch fish. It is constructed from heavy duty Seatarp and top grade industrial  webbing for strength and durability. See size descriptions and boat recommendations below.

Available in 4 sizes. The size you need depends not only on the length of your boat but also the horsepower, hull design and how many knots you are trying to trim off to attain just the right troll speed. These are not designed or certified as a sea anchor!

All four sizes are available with a pre-rigged sewn in bridle with a 3" galvanized ring.

The large and XL are available with no bridle for the fishermen who prefer to rig their own.

There is one 2" stainless ring towards the end designed for a dump line for easy retrieval while under way.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us! 

Thank you Steve Tutt of Homer King Fishing for the video sharing his XL troll drogue at work slowing a 55' Seiner down to trolling speed. 

Large - Navy Blue
XL - Royal Blue
Med - Orange
Small - Red

Boat Size Drogue Recommendations

Small          14 1/2 " diameter at mouth 22" long  ----- 24' -26' sport boat

Medium      21 1/2" diameter at mouth 24" long ----- 28' plus boat

Large          30" diameter at mouth 36" long ----- 38' boat

X Large      41" diameter at mouth 51" long ----- 50' plus boat                         

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