Bait Bags

We've heard them called "chew bags" or "no flee bags". Call them whatever you want, they work!

This is the highest quality bait bag on the market. We have created these bags with a design that prevents sand fleas from getting into the bait. As the crab chew on the bag, it grinds and releases more scent and meat. This will attract more crab to the pot!

The small bag's dimensions are 12" x 14 "and uses a soft 72 round braided line to cinch. Great for cod pots!

The large bag measures 14" x 18 "and has 72 stiff gangen line to cinch. This bigger bag suited for a long soak in a crab pot.

We do offer a quantity discount. Give us a call at 1-800-478-8364 for pricing.

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