Net Storage Bags

These net storage bags are constructed from 8 oz. UV treated woven polypropylene. They are breathable & self draining to keep your nets in top condition.

Stock Sizes:

Single Shackle Net Storage Bag has four handles to help muscle gear around. 52" x 72" flat

Net Storage Bags that are 3 shackles or bigger are the built from the same material as above but square bottomed. There is a lifting handle at each corner to fork or crane about.

3 Shackle Favored in the Prince William Sound gillnet fleet. 46" x 46" x 40"

4 Shackle 52" x 52" x 52"

5 Shackle 52" x 52" x 60"

Looking for a better, tougher way to store one shackle of gear? We manufacture Bristol Bay Net Storage Bags in bright colors for easy identification of your gear.