Alaska Longliner Pants

We currently have a very limited supply of Micro Windbloc fleece in Black and are making garments to order as availability allowsPlease give us a call at 1-800-478-8364 or email us at if you'd like to get an order started.

The Alaska Longliner Pant has many added improvements, resulting in the ultimate in work or play pants. The lightweight microfleece WINDBLOC® is combined with STORM-TECH® nylon for windproof, breathable pants designed to fit well and move with you. The elastic waistband with a zippered fly has a web belt with an adjustable quick release buckle. Deep front pockets zip closed for your convenience. STORM-TECH® covers the front leg from the articulated knee to the edging at the hem. On the back, we have STORM-TECH® covering from your waist to thigh for dry and warm seating no matter what the conditions. Leg zippers start at the ankle and run a full 17” making it easy to put these pants on or off over your fishing, hiking or snow boots.

Our top of the line, most durable fleece sweatpants. Locally, these pants are loved by fishermen and construction workers and have been worn up some of Alaska's highest peaks! Lightweight microfleece WINDBLOC® is combined with STORM-TECH® nylon for windproof, breathable pants designed to fit well and move with you. These pants pair well with the Kodiak Seiner Jacket for a great go-anywhere combo.

See Sizing Chart for Fitting.

NOMAR’S GALE FORCE line features the high-tech laminated fabric, POLARTEC WINDBLOC from Polartec LLC. This product is made in the USA and is a warm fleece but deep in its laminated micro-porous construction is a membrane that stops the wind and repels rain and snow, yet allows your inner heat to vent so you stay dry and warm. This built-in polyurethane barrier membrane allows for fewer needed layers. NOMAR uses only WINDBLOC fleece in the Gale Force line to make beautiful jackets and accessories that will keep you warm and dry in the strongest of storms while being extremely durable. Our WINDBLOC material blocks 100% of the wind and allows for maximum protection from the elements and inclement weather, while its non-restrictive fit allows for a full range of motion and high-performance stretch.

STORM-TECH™ was specifically designed to meet your waterproof, breathable requirements. STORM-TECH™ offers the unique combination of a waterproof barrier along with high breathability. STORM-TECH™ provides extreme comfort essential in High Tech outerwear. A unique monolithic (non-porous) waterproof breathable membrane that propels moisture vapor-perspiration through an absorption/diffusion process. As there are no pores to clog unlike most waterproof, breathable systems, STORM-TECH™ provides longer-lasting comfort and superior dryness.

USA Made in Homer, Alaska