Bristol Bay Net Storage Bag

A better, tougher way to store one shackle of gear. Bright colors for easy identification of your gear.

A classier, flashier fishing swag that makes a bold statement! Bright colors for easy identification of your gear make handling on the dock less confusing.  This bag also features two carry handles on each side and spur grommets across the top hem to close the bag. The heavy-duty, reinforced bottom ensures many seasons of use. These are particularly good for the strings of gear you have the tender deliver to your fish area as they clearly identify the owner. These are quite the upgrade from the regular Net Storage Bag. They last much longer and make your gear stand out in the crowd/pile.

Colors in stock: yellow mesh w/green bottom, orange mesh w/gray bottom, blue mesh w/gray bottom and green mesh w/gray bottom

Custom Colors and stenciling available! Contact Us for a price quote!