Oops! Brailers

Despite our best efforts, things don't always go to plan. Our Oops! Brailers didn't quite work out for the intended customer and were returned to us in new condition. If the sizing works for your fish holds, you're in luck! We have limited quantities of these custom size Brailers available at a discount. Once they're gone, they're gone and so is your chance to save a little extra this fishing season!

Our Brailer Bags are made out of a woven polyester thread that is encapsulated in UV treated vinyl. Additional strength and stability are obtained when the mesh is heat set to a high industry standard. The 2-inch polyester belting that forms additional support and the lifting straps is super strong. All Nomar Brailers have two grommets on each corner so the fisherman can install his own shock cord for hanging in the fish holds. On the bottom we sew a 1-inch strap to add a dump line. We leave these open because we respect that everyone has their own way of rigging thing

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