Parachute Bags

Parachute Bags are made to order, please allow six to eight weeks for us to fulfill your purchase. Please contact us for orders of 12 or more of the same size to receive a 10% discount on your order.

Each new item that we add to our product line is a solution to a problem. The credit for this one goes to the Alaska Air National Guard. Their issued bag was not working well in the wet and cold climate of the Kachemak Bay. Working with the Alaska Air National Guard, we were able to develop the first NOMAR parachute bag for their unit.


Small Parachute Bag, $125 Each:

Our Air National Guard friends tell us that the small holds military free fall, tandem, or static parachutes (approximately 35' in diameter), canopy material, harness, and suspension lines. The bag works for wet or dry retrieval and transport but particularly comes in handy for the wet jumps.

Dimensions: 20" X 20" X 20" tall with 10" Extension at the top to enclose parachute and gear.


Medium Parachute Bag, $200 Each:

The medium is suited for larger parachutes, specifically the G11 or G12 cargo parachutes (64 to 100 sq. ft.). It is especially good during water jumps in retrieval of the parachutes from the ocean and durable for transportation to your facilities.

Dimensions: 30" X 30" X 30" tall with 15" Extension at the top to enclose parachute and gear.


Large Parachute Bag, $225 Each:

The large is rated for a really big parachute, 100+ ft.

Dimensions: 30" X 30" X 40" tall with 20" Extension at the top to enclose parachute and gear.

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